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Levrance felt as if he would never experience warmth again for the rest of his life, and considering his circumstances, 'the rest of his life' was a relatively short amount of time.

He was leaned up against the wall of a small cavern. His body slumped over itself, one of his arms curled around his chest and the other laying limp by his side, bent in such a frightening way that the bone broke through the skin. His ribs on that same side were broken, forcing him to take shallow breaths only, and Lev couldn't even look at his leg without feeling burning nausea rise up in his stomach. He resembled a rag doll that had been abused too much, and then thrown in the corner.

His clothing was ripped all over, his bare skin, the deep claw marks across his chest and their newly formed, weeping scabs exposed to the brutal cold that spilled through the cavern's small opening. He remembered that he and a small away team crawled in here. There's no possible way for him to crawl back out without puncturing a lung.

Levrance shook, his body's vain attempt at warming himself up, but some part of him knew that he was dying. When he thought about it, it felt as if the cold of the cave sank into his very soul. He had to hold on, though. Mira would come back with a rescue team. He clenched his good fist in determination., he believed in her.

Each labored breath produced a small puff of warmth and moisture. He thought he saw images in each breath. They were memories—most importantly, they were a convenient distraction. He would not think about death, not when he had Mira, and so he watched the puffs that came out with each exhale.

He saw his tricorder readings, reporting signs of life deeper into the cave in one breath. He saw the fork in the cave, where he and his team each split into four groups of two each in another breath. He saw Mira's hair very clearly. He closed his eyes, and in his mind, he could almost reach out and feel her gentle, loose curls tumble through his fingers the way they always did. He remembers that he followed behind her as they traveled deeper into the cave. He remembers finding the source of those life signs, and before either of them could do anything, it had sliced open her face. That hair he remembered so fondly tumbled out of her torn hat, the beast picked her up by her hair and threw her so hard. He saw blood paint her lips, he saw the skeletal structure that formed her jawline through the blood and torn flesh, but her hair was so bright and her screaming so loud--

His eyes snapped open, he instinctively gasped, which made his broken body spasm in pain. He had dozed off. It was only a dream. An especially cold draft crept through the cave opening. Lev only felt it in his legs and on his torso. He must've slept longer than he thought, he felt nothing in his fingers and toes. A quick glance confirmed—they were blackening. He knew he would lose them, and if things continued the way they were, he'd lose his leg too. But things wouldn't continue this way, he thought. His face tightened into a grimace. He believed in Mira, no matter what.

After they had finally escaped from the beast, after Lev took a brutal beating, it was Mira who carried him here. It was Mira who found that none of the other officers were responding. Mira made the plan to leave Lev here while she would try to contact the Legacy. It will be Mira who will come back with the geologists to cut the cave open and the rescue team to beam him out.

The wind picked up outside, it interrupted his thoughts with a howl that sounded like an old train speeding by him. But Lev was not afraid. The cold would eat through his body, but Mira kept his spirit alive. She's probably on the Legacy right now, he thought. She'll come back, he thought. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes again. Soon he'd be with her.

Miles outside of the cave the wind blew hard. A blizzard had rolled into the area. The tiny opening that constituted the cave's main entrance would be covered by snow soon, and all other landmarks would be buried as well. The snow banks grew and grew, everything was white. Lying on a nondescript pile of snow was a young woman, wearing a claw-torn Starfleet outfit and covered in blood. Her phaser rifle was long gone. Her blonde hair blew in the wind like a small flag, saying 'here I am'. She did not breathe. Her blood had long since stopped pumping. On the walk back, Mira had been searching for a hill high enough to contact the Legacy. The climbing was too much, her fractured rib had punctured her lungs and blood blossomed on the front of her shirt. A strong wind blew snow over the body, as if Nature would give her a burial.

Soon, he'd be with her.

Astro's giftsm by ToastBusters
Astro's giftsm
Everyone wants to feel like a princess sometimes!
Merry Christmas Astro!

The font is scriptina, and the dress is from Firefly. Mero helped me form the structure of the hands, but in an attempt to make them seem more elegant and princesslike, I changed some of the fingers a bit. Or, well I tried.

Hypothetical situations meme!

Your character is alone on a small star ship that has been stranded, and most of the crew has been rendered unconscious to some sort of virus. You think you could manufacture a cure, but to do so, you would need to kill one of your colleagues. What does your character do?


Your character has been given the Kobayashi Maru challenge. How do they feel prior to the test? How do they handle the test? Any special notes from the proctors? How do they cope afterward?


Your character has just stubbed their bare toe (or slammed their tail in a doorway, or bumped their funnybone, etc) What is their reaction?


What is the probability of your character walking into a glass wall by accident? How would they react if they were alone and nobody saw? How would they react if they did it in public?


Your character has been selected to be one of a handful of test subjects for the R&D department's newest device. The dreamwalker is a tiny, unobtrusive headband that can record dreams. The headset records the brainwaves and REM movement of the wearer and transmits it to the ship's database, which is then uploaded to the holodeck to be replayed at one's leisure. Your character will be wearing the headset tonight, as they go to sleep. They will be under observation in sickbay, though the medics assure your character that this is a formality at this point, they don't believe anything bad will happen. How does your character react to this? Are they excited, nervous?


Describe the dream your character has as if another NPC has walked into the holodeck to experience the dream at the same time your character is dreaming it.


Your character has been invited to a prestigious dinner for exceptionally accomplished starfleet officers in your field. During the dinner, your colleagues treat you well, but you notice the host of the party is abnormally silent, and their knuckles are white as they grip their eating utensils. Here and there, he drops a few snarky comments about you, your captain, your ship, and your crew. It's very clear he does not like you. How does your character react


Besides the host's unusually unprofessional behavior, the dinner went nicely. A few hours after dinner though, your character start to feel nauseous. Then, a sharp pain in their stomach, and the very urgent need to use the restroom. Has your character experienced something like this before? How do they react? What do they believe has happened?


After an excruciatingly long time on the john, your character comes out of the restroom and feels much better. In fact, they feel great. Maybe a little too great. They start to hear colors, taste sounds, and see the space-time continuum itself march onwards in it's steady marathon through the multiverse. Your character is high. Have they been this way before? How do they react? What is their trip like?


Some hours later, your character wakes up in sickbay. They've been informed that everyone, including your host, ate a poorly-prepared meal. The chef undercooked the Xandarian fungus saute, and as a result, the psychoactive properties of the fungus were still active. The chef has been fired. Is your character satisfied with this? How do they react?


Due to a paperwork error, your character has been wrongfully demoted, or even kicked out of Starfleet altogether. It may take up to a year or so to correct this massive organizational mistake, but knowing bureaucracies, it might take longer. What is your character's first reaction to being fired? How will they adjust to their new position?


Your character is sick. Not deathly sick, but enough to really knock the wind out of them. Sickbay will be unable to help, they're busy trying to fight off a much worse virus travelling around the ship. Thankfully, because your character got the weaker virus, they'll have immunity to the stronger one that sickbay is so worried about. However, your character will also have to deal with flu-like symptoms for about a week. How do they handle having a bad cold? How do they cope? What comfort habits do they perform? (Comfort habits such as drinking chicken noodle soup, sleeping, cuddling a teddy bear, binge watching Friends for the umpteenth time)


The ship is in drydock, and your character gets some downtime on a space station. Immediately after coming off the ship, what does your character do? Why?


On an away mission, your character comes across an alien tribe that is very upset that your character is here, on their property. However, they're willing to leave your character be as long as they participate in the ancient art of Earth rap battles. Does your character participate? How does their rap-off go? Are they good, bad? If they do not participate, do they leave, face the aliens, or attempt to parley?


Your character has likely not heard of soccer, but the brass has decided your ship needs a morale boost a/o distraction, and decided to give your character and their crew a soccer tournament between departments, using the holodeck as a setting. How does your character react to the initial idea? Do they enjoy wearing their team's colors? Do they cheer their department on? How do they feel about the other teams? How well do they play, and what is their play style?

Your character has been given a brand new holo-program based off a very old franchise: Star Wars. Your character is allowed to fly an X-Wing in any way they please. Do they use the program at all? How does your character fly the ship? Do they enjoy it?

Hypothetical Situations Meme
Also known as: More than you would ever want to know about your character.

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