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Everyone deserves to feel like a princess!
Prompt: A character in fancy clothing! The character used would be your Auriel, if you don't recognize her.  <da:thumb id="596253923">

I had to look up a lot of elven fashion to get to this design. I'm pretty sure it's original but if it resembles an outfit you've seen before, that's totally unintentional lololol. I also kept a few elements of the original outfit, such as color, the boots, the lower half of the dress. I wasn't sure what Auriel's hair looked like behind the hood, so I just made it short.

This image is at 50% of the original size. Please let me know if you'd like the full sized image and I'll be happy to send it to you!
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Sarin With Lilies, Pansies, And Morning Glories
LOL never gonna finish this might as well post it now
also hands are a BITCH
Name: Oren Tae Song
Nickname: Give him one?
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Race: Human
Height/Weight: 5'11 140lbs
Job: Merchant
Birthday:  Spring 9th
Orientation: :iconitisamysteryplz:

Loved gifts: Baked sweets.
Liked gifts: Most warm food items, hats.
Disliked gifts: Anything from his own shop. Seriously, why would you buy that and give it right back to him?
Hated gifts: Most flowers. He's allergic.

+Thoughtful    +Patient    +Calm
-Delusional     -Clueless     -Insecure

Oren was once a proud, sometimes rude young boy with plenty of energy and confidence. Now, the central crux of Oren's personality is that he believes he's dead, a spirit, which can make him feel awfully boring after a while. Oren is not aware of just how much his delusion runs his life. As far as he knows, he's actually a pretty sociable guy for a spirit. He's a good negotiator and salesman, and generally just friendly to be around.
He no longer has plenty of boundless energy. Even though he is young, he acts as if he's very old. He prefers to sit quietly with a cup of tea and contemplate than he does to take action right away.
Since his 'death', he's begun to dabble in poetry, spoken and written, which has had an impact on his speaking skills.
He sometimes struggles with insecurities when it comes to relationships. He doesn't think anyone truly deserves to love him if this reality is only an illusion crafted by a compassionate Kumiho to prevent him from experiencing the mental agony of hell. He can be clingy and unsure of himself.
A side effect of his death delusion is that he's no longer aware of his own mortality. He will sometimes get the idea in his head to do something stupid, not realizing he can still die.

Despite how weird he is, Oren still values people in his life, even if he thinks his relationships with them are only temporary and will eventually fade when Ran's 'blessing' wears off. He treasures every second he has left in his illusionary world. This translates to a deep gratefulness for everything and everyone in his life.

In many ways, Oren's personality is dull. He's let Ran essentially run his life for so long that he does not know himself as he should. Part of his recovery may include finding himself again.

Oren was born in a mostly human alpine village. His home was in the shadow of the great Jos mountain, surrounded by an ocean of red-orange-yellow trees. The forest there was stuck in autumn. He was the youngest of three brothers. The eldest took on his father's trade business, and the middle child became a sailor and left the village long before Oren was old enough to work. Oren eventually joined his elder brother and father in the trade business and opened a shop, Red Arrow, that would sell items from far away lands. Even though he was actually quite young, his vigor and boyish charm made him popular among villagers and travelers alike. Oren grew to depend on the spotlight to thrive. His confidence turned into a chip on his shoulder.

When Oren was just 17, a spirit began to frequent the village. She was supposedly ancient, but looked like a youthful, beautiful young lady. She was so beautiful that the rumor around the village was that she wore a face covering to shield mere humans from her beauty. no one truly knew what sort of spirit she was, just that she had a great power about her, which the villagers feared.

She arrived at Red Arrow with the intent to buy some of Oren's wares. Oren denied her service as kindly as he could, claiming he did not wish to bring bad luck on himself or his family by dealing with a spirit. The spirit, angered, but cunning, vowed to return the next day. She did return, and again Oren denied her service, but he asked why she would come back if he would not sell to her. She did not answer. This happened daily, for weeks. By now, the rumors about her had become vicious, villagers dared not approach the cloaked figure for fear of what she may do. She came to Oren's stall and again asked if she could have something from Red Arrow. Again, Oren said he could not sell her anything, and again, she left. This time, Oren could have swore he saw just a glimpse of her striking, passionate eyes. For three seasons, this continued, and as each season passed, Oren was allowed to view more and more of her face, and Oren fell deeper and deeper in love with what he now knew was a Kumiho named Ran.

After two years of this daily visitor, Oren fell to his knees and begged her to marry him. He could no longer imagine life without her. The Kumiho, satisfied with how spellbound her victim was, declared that all she wanted from Red Arrow was one thing from him, just one thing that was more valuable than anything Oren would ever be able to sell. Oren was forced to ask "What, what is it? Anything for you!" Ran smiled, a smile so painfully gorgeous Oren thought he'd die. She replied, so smoothly, that all she wanted was a kiss.

Oren jumped to his feet and delivered a kiss so quickly. He did not realize this was just a distraction for the Ran, who was actually casting a nasty spell. In a flash, Oren crumpled to the ground and began seizing. His stall's neighbors pushed the Kumiho aside and ran to his aid, but none of them ever remember seeing her leave. One moment she was there, laughing terribly, and the next she was gone. She would never be seen in that village again, for she detested how the villagers treated her.

Oren fell in and out of fever and hallucinations for three days. His family and friends were there to greet him when he woke, but when he did, his eyes were empty and deadened, he spoke as if the fire of life had been taken from under him. He was convinced that he was very dead. Nobody could convince him of the truth, that he was alive. Everything, such as his pulse, feeling pain, seeing his loved ones, could be explained as a sort of post-death illusion, magically crafted by the kindly Kumiho so that he did not have to face hell, for he knew he deserved hell for his proud and haughty ways.

Oren went back to Red Arrow as soon as he was able, but he no longer had the passion and charm that the villagers liked. In fact, his association with the spirit had slowly drawn the villagers away from Red Arrow. The fact that he now had a death delusion sealed the Red Arrow's coffin. To save the shop and to soothe Oren's spirit, his family came up with a plan to send him away someplace. They chose Sarang Isle, partially because of it's gentler weather and partially because it seemed like a wise economic decision.

And so Oren left, bringing Red Arrow with him to the shores of Sarang, hoping to find peace for his spirit.

Red Arrow: Red Arrow is the name of both his father's trade company and Oren's stall. Generally, the company is referred to as Red Arrow Trade Co. and the stall as just Red Arrow. Most of its wares come from Jos, both Oren's home village and the mountain. The villagers of Jos make money selling Red Arrow Trade Co. their goods, which is shipped out to Oren once a season by his brother. Oren, as the sole owner of Red Arrow stall, will occasionally change and update his stock according to previous sale records.

+Syrup - 50M
: Delicious maple syrup straight from Jos, delivered with love! Very thick, very rich. Can be used in cooking, or eaten as is.
Starts -200: Packets of mushroom mycelium nestled in a biodegradable package. Comes in three varieties: shiitake, shimeji, and oyster. Easy to grow, makes a great addition to your meals, and can be done right at home! Compost not included. Warning: do not eat the mycelium!!
+Red Arrows -150M: Blessed by the local shamans, said to strike truer than the standard arrow. Also much easier to find and retrieve after firing. The arrowheads are broadhead, meant for hunting, but can be replaced by a blacksmith if you'd like to change their purpose. Sold in bundles of five.
+Standard Arrows -100M: A regular, run of the mill arrow, unstained and unpainted. Can be easy to lose after firing!
The arrowheads are broadhead, meant for hunting, but can be replaced by a blacksmith if you'd like to change their purpose. Sold in bundles of five.
+Bow&Quiver - 2000M: A simple composite bow made from flexible wood from Jos's trees and stained a deep mahagony. The tips are painted yellow, the grip is black. Can be made to order for an extra 500M, but will take a season to arrive. Comes with leather quiver that can be strapped to your side or over your back. If cared for, it should last a lifetime, hence the hefty price. If not cared for, well...

Misc information:
He's tried to wear hats while working in his hometown, in an effort to look more professional, but he would constantly lose them when a gust of wind would carry it away. Despite his love of hats, this continues to happen. He often wonders if he will find all the hats he lost one day.

He pins a woman's ornament to his waist, to remind him of the beautiful Ran. In private, he will apologize to it as if it were really Ran and ask for forgiveness. He occasionally thanks 'Ran' for allowing him to continue his hallucination, as he really does fear hell.

He no longer fears spirits. As far as he understands, Ran was actually very kind in allowing him to avoid hell.
RP methods: Script, some para. Not very good at novella in chatrooms!

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